Paws Feature List

Envision provides you with numerous features to help you manage and grow your business.

The best way to experience all of the features Envision has to offer is to download a free trial version and schedule an online demo with one of our expert business consultants.

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Themes / Customizable Colors
Waiting List
Standing Appointments
Automatic Appointment Confirmations (SMS / Email)
Walk-in Queue Manager
Qualified Services
Read Only Appointment Screen
Coupon / Promo Support
Group Booking
Package Booking
On The Fly Groups
QuickView Schedule
Purchase Orders
Physical Counts
Color Schedule Based on Service
Inventory Labels / Bar Code Support
Physical Count Barcode Scanner Support
One Click Auto Purchase Order
Client Images
Marketing Engine
Marketing Filters
Email Marketing Engine
Print Marketing Engine
2 Way SMS Marketing Engine
Service Notes
Loyalty Point System
Lead Source Tracking and Reporting
Employee Teams
Employee Pictures on Schedule
Employee Qualified Services
Employee Price / Time Overrides
Email Employee Schedules
Gift Certificate / Gift Card Support
Prepaid Product / Packages / Series Tracking
AP - Bills
AR - Payments on Account
Commission Calculations - 8 Levels
Time Clock
RTS% Commission Option
Manager / Bonus Commission
Feature: REPORTS
Basic Sales Reports
Client / Employee / Inventory Reports
Sales Report Summary Graphs
Business Analyzers: Drill Down Graphing
MedSpa Reports
Advanced Business Analysis Reporting
Advanced Employee Analysis Reporting
Feature: OPTIONAL MODULES (Sold Separately)
Credit Card / Debit Card Interface
Quickbooks Module
Enterprise - WAN Compatibility

Number of Visible Calendar Columns

Each version of Envision allows a certain number of employees to display on the appointment book calendar. This will help you determine which version is right for you.

• Solo Edition only shows one employee on the calendar.

• Standard Edition displays up to 5 employees on the calendar, and allows you to track additional employees, such as front desk operators, in the system.

• Envision Pro Edition allows you to see an unlimited number of employees on the calendar, and tracks additional employees in the system.

Appointment Calendar

Consent Forms

An extremely useful feature, Envision includes a comprehensive “Consent Form” monitoring system.

This easy-to-use capability allows you to identify those services that require a consent form to be filled out before performing the service. When the client arrives at the spa, Envision will automatically check to make sure all consent forms have been completed and visually remind the front desk staff if additional forms are required.

Outstanding consent forms can then be automatically printed with one simple click upon check in.

Themes / Customizable Colors

Customize your software to fit the color scheme of your MedSpa. Envision has over 25 different theme styles to personalize your program. You can even color code your appointments to suit your needs.

With just a quick glance at the calendar, you can easily see if your next appointment is for a returning customer or a new client.


Waiting List

Quickly fill canceled appointments by using the Waiting List to keep track of clients that are available for last minute appointments.

Enter clients into the Waiting List according to the dates and times that the client is available and Envision will automatically notify you if there is a customer waiting for an appointment.

Don’t have time to call them? Email or send a text message of the available appointment time.

Standing Appointments

When a client is getting a service that requires multiple visits, like laser hair removal treatments, don’t waste time scheduling each separate appointment. Use Envision’s standing appointments feature to automatically schedule a series of appointments.

Give your clients a printed schedule of their appointments so that they can enter their appointments in their own calendar when it is convenient for them.

Automatic Appointment Confirmations (SMS / Email)

Eliminate no shows with Envision’s automated appointment confirmation feature.

Envision supports 3 fully automatic appointment reminder configurations. Each configuration can be set to automatically remind your clients via SMS or Email at specific intervals. These automatic reminders are sent transparently in the background and do not interrupt your day to day processing.

With SMS, clients can optionally respond and confirm / cancel the appointment.

Pretreatment Tracking

Tracking when a skin test is required for specific services or clients is a necessity and may currently require you to read through paperwork to find out if a skin test is required for a client’s upcoming visit. Envision can simplify this process for you by reminding you when a customer is due for a skin test.

A flag will be automatically placed on top of the customer’s appointment when a skin test is required or when they are due for their next skin test. You can even run a report that will give you a list of clients that are requiring a skin test.

Walk-in Queue Manager

Efficiently manage Walk-In clients with Envision’s Walk-In Queue Manager.

When a client arrives, select an employee for their appointment or have Envision Auto Select an employee for you. Envision has the ability to auto-rotate employees so that clients are evenly distributed among them.

You can even send a text message to your customer letting them know that their service professional is ready for them. This allows them to visit nearby shops while they are waiting.

Qualified Services

Enter services that each practitioner is capable of performing and eliminate confusion when booking appointments. When you set up qualified services for each practitioner, Envision will alert you when you are trying to book, for example, a surgical procedure when the practitioner is only qualified to perform skin rejuvenating treatments.

If you have new front desk staff, they will not be able to make the mistake of scheduling a service that the practitioner is not able to perform.

Read Only Appointment Screen

Limit the access that everyone has to the entire business’ Appointment Schedule by providing access to a read-only version of your Appointment Schedule.

Everyone will be able to see the appointments scheduled and appointment availabilities, but they won’t have the ability to schedule new appointments or make changes to existing appointments.

With Envision’s program security, you can also give each person access to their own schedule so that they can schedule and make changes to their own appointments without having access to everyone else’s schedule.

Coupon / Promo Support

Providing Coupons and Promo Codes is always a great way to find new clients and bring your current clients back.

Envision allows you to create as many coupons and promo codes as you wish that can be setup as a discount percentage or fixed dollar amount discount.

You can even run a Coupon Redemption report that will tell you how many of each coupon is being used and the percent of discount that is being provided to each client.

Group Booking

The Group Booking feature of Envision allows you to book appointments for Groups and Parties so that their appointments are all linked with each other. This will make it easier for you to view all of their appointments together and you can also checkout them out under the same client that is the organizer.

Purchase Orders

Envision allows you to create and print purchase orders for retail and professional products. Keep records of every purchase order with Envision so that you are able to run reports on all of your Purchase Order and Vendor information at any time.

Purchase Orders can also be easily received, updating your product quantities automatically so that you do not have to do a physical count of your products every time an order comes in.

Purchase Orders

Physical Counts

Use the Physical Count screen to take control of your inventory.

The physical count screen provides a fast way to update the amount of inventory in the program. The amount of inventory stated on the physical screen should match the actual quantity inventory on the shelf.

This is a fast way to see what you should have on your shelf and what you actually have on hand. Large variances between the stated quantity and the actual quantity should be a warning.

Color Schedule Based on Service

Envision's fully customizable calendar allows you to color code your appointment calendar by service or by retention. If you choose to color your calendar by services, you can easily see what type of appointment is on your book.

For example, if you provide Skin Rejuvenating and Body Contouring treatments, with a quick glance at the calendar you can see that the next 12:00pm appointment is a Laser Hair Removal treatment and the following 12:15pm appointment is a Thermage treatment.

Appointment Colors Based on Services

Inventory Labels / Barcode Support

Print inventory labels from within Envision.

You can choose print labels for all products, by vendor, item type, or manufacturer. Using inventory labels with a bar code scanner eliminates pricing confusion at checkout. The item will automatically be taken out of inventory to keep your inventory counts correct and provide you with accurate information for reports.

Physical Count Barcode Scanner Support

Envision provides the ability to count your products by scanning them with a barcode scanner. Scanning the products is a much easier process than writing down how many products you have of each item. Just point and scan each product or scan one of each item and adjust the quantity to the amount you have of each item.

One-Click Auto Purchase Orders

Ordering new retail or professional products can be extremely time-consuming. Envision’s One Click Auto Purchase Order feature will make this process much easier and faster!

Simply setup reorder minimums and maximums for your products and the program can tell you exactly what needs to be ordered and how many of each item needs to be ordered as well. There will be no need to count every product each time you place an order because Envision already knows how many you have and the quantity that you would like to reorder at. You also won’t need to rely on a vendor telling you what you need to order, so you won’t have extra items in stock that aren’t selling.

One-Click Purchase Orders

Email Purchase Orders to Vendor

This option emails your purchase orders directly to your vendor.

Service Packages

This screen can be used to select the services that will appear in the Sales Register when a client is checked out for this service from the calendar.

Professional Consumables

Professional Products can be deducted from inventory automatically when a service is completed. If a specific product is used for a service or a specific amount of a certain product is used, Envision will automatically reduce the quantity each time the service is checked out at the Sales Register.

Auto Price Adjustments

Envision’s Auto Price Adjustments feature allows you to make changes to multiple items in your Inventory List.

Change costs and prices, departments, vendors and many other selections for large groupings of inventory items. Since multiple items will be edited, you will not need to edit each item one by one, saving you quite a bit of time when you need to place multiple items on sale or change the department, class or vendor of multiple items.

Client Images

Envision Medspa software allows you to store an unlimited number of pictures for each client. See before and after images, keep track of your progress when doing a series of work, and have access to a gallery of your work. Keep a main picture for each client to see exactly who you are booking or checking out.

Pictures can be uploaded from a camera, scanner, or taken with a web cam.

Marketing Engine

Envision's marketing capabilities surpass any other Medspa software available! Using Envision's simple marketing templates, you can create professional looking marketing pieces that can be sent in a text message, emailed, or printed for direct mail. Customers' names and birthdays can be merged into the marketing piece to personalize it for each client.

Only Envision allows you to send marketing emails directly from the software! With other software systems, you have to import client lists to an outside source, then create and send your marketing pieces there - for a fee. Send coupons, birthday cards, and special promotion emails to your clients all for free with Envision!

Marketing Engine

Marketing Filters

The marketing filter allows you to target specific customers with your marketing campaign. There are several different filters available based on customer information and purchase history. You can send an email or SMS text message to everyone who's birthday is coming up, customers who haven't returned to the studio, or maybe just to local customers.

With other Medspa software, you have to constantly updated your filters, then export and import your list to another program. Envision eliminates this steps and makes it easy for you to reach your customers quickly.

Email Marketing Engine

Envision is the only Medspa software available that will allow you to send professional HTML emails directly from the software system, eliminating the need for outside resources!

With other programs, you have to export client lists to a different program and you are limited to you use pre-set templates. Envision allows you to create your own email templates and send them to specific clients based on filters you select.

Print Marketing Engine

Create your own direct mail pieces using Envision's marketing templates to print and mail to your clients.

Based on marketing filters you select, Envision can include the client's name, birthday, and other information on the marketing piece, personalizing it for each client.

2 Way SMS Marketing Engine

Send your marketing messages quickly and efficiently using Envision's SMS text message marketing engine. You can also have a two-way conversation via SMS without leaving Envision.

The SMS feature can also be used to page your practitioners or clients. When a client checks in a text message can be sent automatically to the practitioner to let them know that their client has arrived. Or, when a practitioner is ready to see a walk in client, a text message can be sent to the client to let them know that their practitioner is ready.

Two way SMS Marketing

Service Notes

Keep a record of all of your clients' formulas and service notes. The client formula screen is a great way to store:

• Customized facial records
• Oils used during massage
• Any customization of a service or treatment

Client Formulas

Loyalty Point System

Rewarding your clients for their sales is a great way of showing that you appreciate their business and a great way to retain clients as well!

Use Envision’s Loyalty Programs to reward your clients for how much they spend in retail sales and service sales. They will continue to come back to you to gain more points that they will be able to apply to future purchases and will encourage them to refer you to their friends and family.

Promotional Program

Lead Source Tracking and Reporting

Have you ever wondered if your radio ad or newspaper ad was worth all the money you spent on it? Are you trying to figure out which types of promotions and campaigns work best and should be used again in the future?

Envision allows you to specify how each client heard of you so that you can determine how many clients each type of lead source brought to your business.

Number of Employees Allowed

Envision allows for a certain number of employees to be set up in the system. This will help you determine which version is right for you.

If you are a single owner / booth renter, with no other employees to put in the system, then the Solo Version will fit your needs.

If you have employees working for you, the Standard and Pro editions will allow you to store an unlimited number of employees in the system.

Please refer to the Number of Visible Columns description to see how many employees you can enter in the appointment book calendar.

Employee Pictures on Schedule

Envision allows you to display pictures of employees at the top of their column on the appointment book.

This is another way to customize the software to fit your business. It also helps new employees learn the names and faces of their co-workers, eliminating confusion when booking appointments.

Appointment Calendar Pictures

Employee Qualified Services

Qualified services that this employee is capable of performing can be entered on this screen. This will be useful when scheduling appointments.

If you have new front desk staff, they will not be able to make the mistake of scheduling a service that the provider is not able to perform.

Employee Price / Time Overrides

If you have a set time or price for a service but need to make an exception for an employee, the Employee Time and Price Overrides allow you to do so.

When booking an appointment, Envision will recognized that the employee requires different timing and will set the appointment accordingly. At the point of sale, Envision will charge according to price overrides set for the employee.

Email Employee Schedules

Your employees are not always at work and may need to make plans around or during their schedule.

Envision allows you to email your employees their appointment schedule or work schedule so that they don’t have to wait to check their schedule!

Provide them with their appointment schedule so that they are prepared for the next day or if they are in contact with a client outside of work that would like to schedule an appointment, they can let the client know if they can fit them in without having to wait until they have access to the Appointment Calendar. You can even send general notices to your employees about upcoming events, reminders or policy changes.

Employee Evaluation System

Employee Teams

Motivate your staff by setting up competitions for selling retail or selling additional services.

Envision MedSpa allows you to setup teams (groups) of employees for competitions or reporting reasons.

Assistant Scheduling / Tracking

Envision MedSpa allows you to schedule an assistant with a practitioner, allowing you to maximize the time that a practitioner has to take appointments.

Normally, you might schedule a client for the full amount of time that they will need to be present for their procedure / treatment. This amount of time may not be the actual amount of time that the clients will need to be scheduled with the practitioner. By scheduling assistants, you can schedule pre-treatment services with the assistant and the actual procedure / treatment with the practitioner. This will give the practitioner more time for additional appointments.

Gift Certificate / Gift Card Support

Receive instant income when you sell gift certificates and gift cards to customers!

Envision allows you to sell and track gift certificates directly through the software, putting additional revenue into your business.

Prepaid Product / Packages / Series Tracking

Selling Packages and Prepaid Items will increase retention and generate additional revenue!

Envision allows you to create packages of sessions or multiple services so that you can sell sessions in advance or multiple services together in a package. You can even offer packages at a discounted price, encouraging your clients to purchase in advance or purchase multiple services together because they are getting a great deal.

Here are some examples of the different types of packages that can be offered:

• Purchase 5 Laser Hair Removal treatments in advance and get the 6th free
• Purchase two facials and get a 10% discount
• Purchase Cosmetic Botox and a Rejuvenating chemical peel together and get a 10% discount

AP - Bills

Keep track of your bills and print expense checks right from Envision!

Enter utility bills, supply expenses or any type of expense that you would like to keep track of.

Reports are also available so that you can keep track of your expenses over any specified timeframe.

Accounts Payable Bills

AR - Payments on Account

Envision MedSpa allows you to place payments on a client’s account that they can make payments to at a later time. This is extremely useful if you take deposits or if you allow your clients to pay for their services in a series of payments.

Commission Calculations - 8 Levels

Payroll will no longer be a time-consuming and tedious task!

With just a few clicks, commission will be calculated for you so that you don’t need to take the time out of your busy schedule to run sales reports and pull out your calculator to calculate commission.

Create as many straight scale or sliding scale commission plans as you need for both service commission and retail commission!

Time Clock

The time clock is a valuable management tool for hourly employees but can be used for commissioned employees as well.

Keep track of employees' time in the studio. Set reminders and important messages to pop up when the employee checks in.

Our payroll system also uses time clock records to calculate pay for hourly employees.

Time Clock

Retail to Service Commission Option

Encouraging your employees to sell more retail can be a difficult task. Give them an incentive for selling more retail!

Envision’s Retail to Service % commission plan option allows you to provide your employees with retail commission based on their Retail to Service %.

The higher their Retail to Service %, the higher their retail commission percentage will be. You can even setup a minimum RTS% required in order to receive retail commission.

Manager / Bonus Commission

Your managers work long and hard hours, and are essentially placed in a manager position to be there for your staff when you can’t be. These are the people that you trust to make sure everyone does what they need to do to keep your business running smoothly and these are also the people that encourage your staff to sell more retail and additional services.

Reward them for their hard work with a commission percentage based on the entire sales of the business!

Envision’s Manager Commission Plan option allows you to setup a straight or sliding scale commission plan based on the entire sales of the business. Provide them with an incentive for keeping everyone motivated to sell!

Bonus Commission

Basic Sales Reports

There are over 50 different basic sales reports and each report has numerous options available so you can run these reports in many different ways.

Find out what your top sellers are or what each employee sells in retail and service with a separate total for each item type.

You can even run these reports as summary reports so that you can view just a total of the sales or run these reports as detail reports so that you can view the details of each sale. Each report can be customized for your needs by selecting your own date range and choosing summary graph options.

Basic Sales Reports

Additional Reports

With 300+ reports available in Envision, you will always be up to date and informed about every aspect of your business. Envision’s expansive reporting capabilities will provide you with all the vital statistics of your business. Here are some examples of the types of reports available:

• Client Reports – Clients Lists (filtered by specific information), Client Referrals, Product / Service Expiration (Wake Up Service Report) and Mailing Labels

• Employee Reports – Hours Worked, Employee Tips, Sales Sheets and Certification List / Certification Expiration

• Inventory Reports – Reorder Report, Purchase Order Reports, Received Order Reports, Inventory On Order

• Payroll Reports – Payroll Detail, Commission Reports

• Accounting Reports – P& L, Expenses by Vendor, Expenses by Account

• Calendar Reports – Confirmation Lists, No Show List, Cancellation List

• POS and Sales Tax Reports – Z-Out Report, Payment Detail Report, Sales Tax Report

Sales Report Summary Graphs

Analyzing your data and reviewing your reports can sometimes be a confusing and mind-numbing task.

The summary graphs available for Envision’s Sales Reports will make this task much easier if you are a more visual person than the rest (like most of us).

Choose between a Bar Chart or a Pie Chart so that you can analyze your sales visually!

Sales Report Graphs

Business Analyzers: Drill Down Graphing

Drill down graphing is available for all services, retail products and clients, making sales graph analysis interactive! Drill down graphing allows you to examine sales in much greater detail so that you are able to view the data that contributed to the total sales.

For example, if you are viewing a graph of your total sales for one retail product, you can click on the graph to view a graph of the dates that the item was sold.

Click on the graph again and you will be able to see a graph of the employees that sold the product.

Drill Down Graphing

Client Retention

Envision MedSpa provides multiple Client Retention reports, allowing you to find out how many new clients have returned, how many active clients have returned and a detailed analysis of the retention of each client that visits your business. You can even customize these reports by specifying how many return visits are needed to consider a client retained and by limiting the days to search for a return visit.

Advanced Business Analysis Reporting

Envision MedSpa provides additional Advanced Business Analysis Reports that provide even more detailed information and analysis of your business.

Key reports include:

• Prebook Analysis Reports
• Client Retention Reports
• Lead Source Analysis Reports
• Retail to Service Anlaysis Reports
• Addon Sales Detail Report
• Hourly Sales Statistics Report

Advanced Employee Analysis Reporting

Envision MedSpa provides additional Advanced Employee Anlaysis Reports that will provide even more detailed information and analysis of your staff.

Key reports include:

• Employee Sales Statistics
• Employee Evaluation Report
• Service Time Analysis Report
• Employee Utilization Report
• Retention Reports by Employee

Option to Email Reports

Email any report you pull inside Envision.

Sales Report Filters

Allows you to pull a sales report based on specific client filters.

Addon Sales Tracking / Reporting

Track addon sales inside Envision.

Credit Card / Debit Card Interface

Process credit cards and debit cards directly through Envision using Integrity Payment Systems. Integrity offers competitive rates for Envision customers.

Accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You will not have to worry about using a separate system to accept credit card payments.

Plus Pack - Enhanced Memberships

Memberships are a great method for increasing client retention and generating recurring revenue!

Envision’s Plus Pack allows you to create an unlimited number of membership programs with flexible billing schedules. Membership Programs can be configured to provide your members with exclusive discounts or pricing and can even be configured to reward your clients with free services, products, points or credits!

Memberships can be automatically billed on the renewal dates for a fixed term or unlimited terms.

Quickbooks Module

This module allows you to transfer information from Envision directly to QuickBooks Pro version 2005 or better. For those businesses using QuickBooks to manage their accounting.

This module provides them with a way to import the following information from Envision:

• Client Information
• Employee Information
• Inventory List
• Vendor List
• Sales Tickets / Voids / Payments

Enterprise - WAN Compatibility

Need a solution for multiple locations or a franchise?

The Enterprise module allows you to share and combine data with other locations that also have an Envision license. Share clients, gift certificates and prepaid items between locations.

You can even book appointments for all locations from one computer by switching locations from within the Envision Calendar.

If you would like to view everything from a corporate level, you can run reports for all locations or just one specific location.

Image Gallery

Envision allows you to create an image gallery of your work.

Store pictures of completed work in the software so that your customers can watch a slideshow of technicians' work. Filter the gallery by technician or by type of work, like hair or nails.

Your customers can easily find what they are looking for and see examples of your work. It's like having a fully computerized portfolio for your whole medspa!

Resource Scheduling

Envision MedSpa allows you schedule appointments by the room or equipment that will be used for the treatment or procedure, without selecting an employee. This allows you to schedule an appointment when you are not sure exactly who will be providing the service.

Image Annotations

Envision’s image annotation feature is a powerful tool that allows practitioners to "see" where the services were performed by enabling you to make notations about specific treatments directly on an image, data point by data point. You can use the standard male or female facial images provided within the system, or you can upload an actual image of the client.

Key features include:
• Default male or female face or select from list of client images
• Unlimited number of data points per image
• Use one of six different colors to uniquely identify each point
• Option to enter a time stamped note on each point

To greatly speed up data entry, you can create an unlimited number of custom, preset messages, eliminating the extra typing typically associated with documenting treatments. Envision's image annotation feature provides a powerful visual tool to enhance a practitioner's ability to indicate what services were performed with pinpoint accuracy.

Treatment Screen

Treatment Information - eMedical Chart

Recording, capturing and managing treatment information is extremely critical to every client’s care, as well as for maintaining accurate treatment history. Envision provides you with the ability to enter highly detailed information about the treatment being performed. Our treatment screen addresses all the major medical spa treatments including:

• Laser hair removal
• Skin rejuvenation
• Microdermabrasion
• Botox treatments
• Fillers

To ensure that this screen adapts to the unique needs of your medical spa, Envision’s flexible design delivers powerful customization capabilities. With Envision, you can add or edit fields to capture and record precisely the information that makes the most sense for your medical spa such as the type of equipment your facility uses for treatments. Additionally, all information can be printed for review as needed. For practitioners who want to capture detailed information about each patient’s treatment, Envision’s eMedical Chart offers practitioners several optional screens to input key data points about a specific treatment. These include:

• Detailed treatment notes
• Adverse effects/complications with notes
• Severity/Standard of Care indicators
• Notes on actions/Results taken
• Elapsed timer that monitors the total time spent with intervals to complete a treatment.

Envision’s eMedical Chart can be easily and conveniently accessed from any of the major client-related screens within the system.

Treatment Screen

Assistants Scheduling / Tracking

Track when assistants are helping to perform a service.

Group Booking

Schedule and keep track of appointments for a group or party!

The Group Booking feature of Envision allows you to schedule multiple customers' appointments all under one grouping so that they are easy to locate in the calendar by the color of their appointments. You can even checkout all of the customers together if one of your customers is paying for everyone in the group / party.

Package Booking

As rapidly as you can book on appointment, you can book multiple services for the same person with Envision. A great time saver, this capability lets you book an entire group of services for a client with the click of the mouse. You can search for available openings by a variety of criteria such as time of day to start the search or a particular day of the week. With this feature, your front desk personnel can service any client’s request in just a few key strokes.

On The Fly Groups

Quickly select the practitioner columns that you would like to display in the Appointment Calendar without editing schedules. If you have a large list of practitioners that you display in the Calendar, this allows you to quickly and easily view just a few of them on the schedule together.

QuickView Schedule

Envision’s QuickView Schedule is a separate screen available that provides a listing of customers that have appointments scheduled for the day. They are listed in the order that they will be arriving so that you can easily check them in, print out work tickets and much more!

Electronic Medical Records

Envision’s built-in word processing feature can generate a wide variety of forms that can be customized with your client’s information. Additionally, Envision provides medical spas with the ability to automatically print forms at key points throughout the client visit.

MedSpa Reports

Envision MedSpa provides detailed reporting on resource utilization and forecasted revenue for resources as well as revenue and forecasted revenue reporting for your practitioners.