Envision Desktop Edition

Powerful Software in an easy to use package


Increase Your Efficiency

Envision Software is designed to make your daily tasks fast and efficient. With a quick glance at the calendar, you can see client type, employee percentage booked, confirmation status, and client birthdays! Booking multiple services, even with different service providers has never been so easy. Never worry about overbooking your staff or resources.

  • Manage Appointments or Walk-Ins
  • Send Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Reserve Resources


Intuitive Point-of-Sale

Cash out clients with just a few clicks. Take multiple payment types, calculate tip percentage or tip split, and email receipts right to the client.

On-Point Inventory

Purchased retail items are removed from inventory so you can keep track of your best sellers. When it’s time to order again, one click creates a purchase order based on your shelf level or sales history.

Know Your Clients

Client files keep track of every service, product, and style your clients love.

Store before and after photos so when your client asks for their same service as last visit, you’ll know exactly what they want.

Easy access to formula history lets you quickly recreate their signature color.

Manage Your Staff

Let Envision calculate commissions and track hourly employees so you spend less time on payroll.

Avoid booking mistakes by setting qualified services for your providers.

10 Levels of service pricing allows you to preset prices for your service providers based on their expertise and experience.

Grow Your Business

(Images are of actual templates created within Envision)

Automated Smart Marketing

Stay in constant communication with your clients using Envision’s Smart Marketing program. Automatically send emails to welcome new clients, wish them a happy birthday, or thank them for referring friends. Bring back lost customers with a “We Miss You” message.

Target Marketing

Reach the right clients, at the right time. Create targeted marketing filters to encourage clients to try new services or products, bring in a friend, or join you for an event.

Integrated Loyalty Program

Bring in repeat business and turn you clients into loyal fans with Envision’s integrated Loyalty Point Program. Get rid of those pesky keychain cards and let Envision track rewards based on your clients’ activities. You determine the value of points and redemption, so each plan is made to fit your business.

Enhance Your Software


Transfer Client, Employee, Inventory, Vendor, and Ticket information to QuickBooks without having to do manual entry.

& Tanning

Create reoccurring revenue with Membership plans.


Accurately calculate your business and employee goals with advanced reports. This is an essential addition for pet salon owners working with consultants and coaches.


Multi-location pet salons can share information between locations.

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